When Life Hands You Lemons…

when life hands you lemons

Last Thursday, I got a letter from my online teaching job that my contract was not going to be renewed next year. My reaction? I had two of them actually. One was “uh oh.” And the other was “thank you Lord.” Yep, that’s right. Thank you Lord. See, this job has not been the right […]

Have It All Together

having it all together

I think that when you see people posting pictures of their workouts, healthy dinners, and clean treats, it’s easy to assume that they’re never tempted by the “bad” food or that they have it all together. Well, I’ve got some news. We’re tempted. A lot. I can say that because I’m one of those people […]

MIA Live with Chalene Johnson

sister selfie MIA

Last week I had the privilege of attending MIA Live, the live event for Marketing Impact Academy. It was in Carlsbad, CA at a gorgeous resort. Since I live only about an hour away, I drove in each day rather than stay at the hotel. Not only was it cheaper, but I also didn’t have […]

I Got Out of My Slump!

You guys, I think I did it. I’m out of my slump! If I wrote it out, it would take me forever and I probably would miss stuff. So, I made a video! It’s kind of a brain dump word vomit, and it’s definitely not fancy. But I wasn’t trying to be fancy, I was […]

Stretch the Ballet Way


I have a few ballet inspired stretches for you today. These are stretches that we do in every ballet class. Not every teacher is going to do them exactly the same, but very close. All you need is something to rest your foot on – it could be a chair, the counter, whatever. The height […]

Get a Strong Booty and Core

NO WMK ballet part 2 IN CONTENT 3

You don’t just have to do squats and planks to get a strong booty and core. Yes, those are great and yes, I do plenty of them in my own workouts. But, it’s not the ONLY way. If you want to get a strong booty and core the dancer way, you’re going to want to […]

PiYo Infomercial Filming

group pic with chalene from jennifer

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw that I was selected to be in the next PiYo infomercial. The filming was last week and it was SO fun! Definitely a long day, but so worth it. The filming was at a 24 Hour Fitness in Irvine. That in itself was fun because […]