Looking for a Cleanse?

Most people have heard of cleanses before. There are tons of them out there from juice cleanses to pills and more. I'm not personally into most of those cleanses because they're too restrictive for my taste. However, there's a new cleanse out there now called the 3 Day Refresh. It's gentle and … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy: Weeks 23-24


How far along: 23 weeks (7/8/14), and 24 weeks (7/15/14) Ellie is the size of: A banana at 23weeks, and a cantaloupe at 24 weeks. Weight gain: I'm  going to guess I've gained somewhere 20 pounds altogether. I'm a little worried I'm gaining too fast, but I also am trying to not think about it. … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy: Weeks 20-22

photo 3

Being gone in Vegas for Beachbody Coach Summit and then being sick got me all off track. So, this update will encompass 3 weeks.              … [Continue reading]

Vega Sport Energy Bars


Recently, as part of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to review Vega Energy Sport Bars. Now, I do enjoy free stuff, and I … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy: 19 Weeks with Miss Ellie!

19 weeks

Before getting into my pregnancy update, just a quick reminder about a new workout program that's coming out in 1 week. :) It's called PiYo, was … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy: 18 Weeks


  How far along: 18 weeks (6/3/14) Baby is the size of: A sweet potato. That's so ambiguous to me though, because the sweet potato we … [Continue reading]

What I’ve Done to Work Out in Pregnancy So Far


It's no surprise that I've continued to work out during my pregnancy. So far, I've been able to do the same workouts I did pre-pregnancy, just with a … [Continue reading]

Pregnancy: 17 Weeks


How far along: 17 weeks (5/27/14) Baby is the size of: An onion. I liked last week's food (avocado) better. :) Gender … [Continue reading]