The End of ExerCIZE


I'll have a longer post about our trip to Cancun with Beachbody later this week, but first can we just talk about this? [source] OMG I am so excited!! We were in Cancun on Thursday morning in a session with Carl Daikeler, Beachbody's CEO. We knew there were going to be some announcements … [Continue reading]

Planning Ellie’s 1st Birthday Way In Advance


Even though Ellie was only 6 months old on Thursday and I do NOT want time to go any faster, this weekend got me brainstorming about her 1st birthday party. I think any mom thinks about planning their kid's 1st birthday party way in advance. After all, it's the first BIG THING you do for them, … [Continue reading]

Off to Cancun!


As you read this, we are on our way to Cancun, Mexico for the Beachbody Success Club trip! This trip was almost fully paid for by Beachbody because … [Continue reading]

I Still Want a Ballet Body

studio shot

Lately I've really wanted to go back to ballet. Like, really wanted to. I never felt like I full on quit, because I knew I'd go back at some point. … [Continue reading]

Running is Fun Again!


You probably know I've been training for the OC Half Marathon on May 3rd. I started my training late after completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme, so I'm … [Continue reading]

That Crazy Wrap Thing


No, I am NOT in the business of selling wraps. I recently came across a blog post about wraps that was a very interesting read. I was already … [Continue reading]

How Corgis Do PiYo


This time around with training for a half marathon, I'm only running 3 days a week. I shared my training plan earlier this week. Typically I'll do 2 … [Continue reading]

If This, Then That

lemon basil chicken

I have a really cool website to share with you, but first let's back up to last night's dinner. Lemon Chicken Pasta This is a recipe from … [Continue reading]