Overcoming a Negative Body Image


Anyone who knows me or who has read my blog since the beginning knows that I grew up a ballet dancer. I stepped back from intense dancing 4 years ago after getting engaged and getting a full-time teaching job. Not only was my life just changing, but I also had come to the realization that […]

What’s Your Focus?

What's Your Focus?

It’s no secret that women feel immense pressure to look a certain way. I wrote a post on this very topic on Real Housemoms a while back. Mom are especially prone to this pressure – every time you turn on the TV there’s another story about a celebrity who got her pre-baby body back almost […]

Transformation Tuesday, Family Edition

transformation tuesday

As a health and wellness coach, I LOVE a good Transformation Tuesday story. And this one is my absolute favorite. The story you’re about to read is from my aunt on my mom’s side, aka Auntie Kristin. My family is very small, so besides my grandparents who have now all passed away, and an aunt […]

Life Lately – The Photo Version


One of the best parts of having a blog is getting to share your life. Yeah, I know, social media serves the same purpose, but there’s just something different about a blog. Facebook owns Facebook and can keep you from posting things if it wants to. Same with Instagram, YouTube, etc. But a blog is […]

New Blog Design!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.25.22 AM

It’s been a little quieter on the blog front lately, but that’s because things are looking a bit different! I had mentioned getting a new blog theme in a previous post, and now it’s live. It’s by no means completely finished yet, but I’m getting there. A few things that are different: Cleaner Background I […]

Granny Joyce’s Roaring 20′s Birthday Party

photo 1

It’s been a little longer than I like to take to write about these things, but on April 24th we went to the Queen Mary in Long Beach for Mat’s grandma’s 80th birthday party. It was a roaring 20′s theme, and we had a lot of fun getting dressed up for the occasion. For those […]