headshot inside extra smallHello! My name is Melissa Kolbeck. I am a group exercise instructor and former ballerina. If you are a woman who loves dance in any way, shape, or form and misses it, you are in the right place. As dancers, we devote most of our lives to our craft, perfecting it day in and day out, giving up many other things along the way. For some of us, we can make dance our career. But for most of us, life takes us in other directions.

My passion is to empower dancers of all kinds and of all shapes and sizes to be healthy and to rediscover their love of dance. I have the honor and privilege of working with women who, like me, want to bring dance back into their lives while balancing the responsibilities of running a household and raising children.

Are you hoping to find your way back to dance again, even though you lack the time or resources to attend class on a regular basis? If so, I encourage you to consider joining one of my online workshops. To request information about my programs, fill out the form below.




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