Summit Recap Part 2


Moving sure is a pain. I wanted to get this Summit recap part 2 up on Monday, but between packing, moving, unpacking, and lack of good internet, it just didn’t happen. Fail. But, I’m back in business today, so here is a recap of Friday and Saturday of Coach Summit 2015 in Nashville! If you […]

Cize Challenge Group!

Cize challenge group

You guys! You’ve heard me talk about Cize a lot lately, but no joke it’s SO. MUCH. FUN!! You sweat, laugh, and just have a big cheesy grin on your face the whole time. Remember that time I did one of the routines in a tutu?? This is not a program for people who […]

Summit Recap Part 1


Oh. My. Goodness. What a week. This year was my third Summit, and by far the best one. Mat couldn’t go which sucked, but I vowed to make the most of it anyway, and actually because of that. If he couldn’t be here with us, I owed it to him and to our family to […]

My Life Update

life lately

Ok. This post is probably going to be a bit long. But I figured I’d give a life update on what’s been going on with us lately, besides me going to Summit and getting certified to teach Cize and all that. I wrote a post not too long ago about losing my job. I still […]

New Coach Training


You probably saw my post recently about a coach sneak peek group. Well, now it’s time to train those newbies! Even if you didn’t participate in the sneak peek, it’s all good, you can still be a coach and jump into this new coach training on Monday, July 27th! While anyone can be a coach, […]

Cize Certification


As you read this, I’m in Nashville for Coach Summit in the middle of my Cize certification workshop! Cize is Shaun T’s newest dance workout program. Getting certified means that I’ll be able to teach this program in gyms once I also get a group exercise certification. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I […]

Off to Summit!

coach summit or bust

Tomorrow I am headed to Beachbody Coach Summit in Nashville, TN! It’s quite the trip this year compared to the past 2 years when the event was held in Las Vegas. My parents are coming to babysit while I’m busy during the day, my sister who is also a coach on my team is going, […]