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Today’s Run

5.32 miles, 50:20, 9:28 pace

Not the greatest run, but not the worst either.  I was a little sore after last night’s weight workout.  But, it feels good to be back at it after a week of rest!

Exciting News!!

If you’ve read my About Me page, you know that I’ve done Insanity workouts before.  I enjoyed the workouts for a variety of reasons.  I could do them at home whenever I wanted and didn’t need much besides a tv and workout clothes.  The workouts made me SWEAT and I got stronger pretty quickly.

Mat has done both Insanity and P90X and has loved them both.  P90X requires a bit more space and equipment, but it’s nothing you can’t find easily at Target or a similar store.

So why am I telling you all this?  Well, because I have exciting news!!!

You are looking at the newest Team Beachbody Fitness Coach!


Ok that’s totally not a Beachbody picture, but that’s ok.  It’s a picture of me grinning like a goof after an intense workout (half marathon) so it works.

I was invited to join Team Beachbody recently, and after giving it some serious thought, I decided to go for it.  I just barely joined last night, so I don’t know a whole lot of details yet, but I will say that if you’re thinking you need a boost as far as workout motivation goes, then let me know!  My new job as a Beachbody coach will be to help you reach your fitness goals and be a healthier you!

And if you’re wondering, I’m not quitting my current job.  I’m just passionate about healthy living and want to help others.   I mean hey, that’s why I write this blog!

So if you think you’ll be interested in joining me on a quest to become a healthier you, send me an email or comment on this post and I’ll be in touch with you soon!


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    Melissa!! That’s so awesome!!! And sign me up because I need fitness help for sure, LOL! I love watching the Insanity infomercials but I never pull the trigger on purchasing because… it’s an infomercial… those things you buy and then never use. But now that I know someone who has done it and liked it and saw results I may just have to get it one of these days! Although buying it is only step 1, I’d have to actually do the workouts as well :D
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