2013 Goals in Review

2013 Goals in Review

On January 1st of this year, I wrote a post about my 2013 goals.  Before sharing my goals for 2014, I thought I’d  take a few minutes to reflect on this year’s goals.  My 2014 goals will follow in a few days.

Last year’s goals:

1. Comment on 3 blogs a day
I got this idea from Carrots ‘n’ Cake. I want and need to increase my presence in the blogging community, and commenting will help me get there.

This failed in a major way.  However, it failed because I started my coaching business and spent most of the year working on that and allowing my blog to be more of a hobby.

2. Redesign/self-host my blog
My blog needs a redesign. A real redesign. It also needs to be self-hosted in order to help it grow.

Done!  I hired a designer and self-hosted my blog in February/March after we got our tax refund. 😀

3. Get at least 1000 hits a day. 
I’ve had about 23,600 hits this year (well since May when I started this blog), and my best day had 441 hits. I want to make that better! Goals 1 and 2 will hopefully help me get there.

Not even close.  In fact, my hits are way down.  See number 1 above.

4. Run a sub-2:00 half marathon
I ran my fastest half back in October with a time of 2:05, and I know I can break 2 hours. Hopefully this year I’ll do it!

I came *thisclose* to reaching this goal in May at the OC Half Marathon.  I was just under 2:02.  I truly believe that if I hadn’t gotten a late start due to porta potty lines and then had to deal with bottlenecking on the narrow parts of the course, I would have come in under 2 hours.

mat and i

5. Get stronger
I would like to add strength training to my workout routine. I’m thinking of getting the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women that I first read about on Meals and Miles. I think it will help my running as well as give me a better, stronger body.

I did buy the book and did go through several of the workouts after running the LA Marathon.  I loved it.  I continued to lift until getting into training for the Dopey Challenge later in the summer.

pull up

6. Buy a house and get our Corgi
This goal might be slightly a cheat since we already started the process, but 2013 is the year it’s going to happen! We want our doggie so we need a house! :)


Done and done!  We bought a house and moved in on May 11th and brought our darling corgi home on July 14th.

SW13019908_1 riley derpy


7. Get better
There have been a lot of days where I was unhappy with my job and just things in general. 2013 is the year to make it better. I’m not sure exactly what that will entail yet, but this year I plan to do a lot of thinking and reflecting to figure it out.

I’ve definitely gotten better.  I had a few bad days leading up to the marathon, and a couple bad days in the 2 weeks leading up to starting my new job, but overall it’s been a MUCH better year.

One thought on “2013 Goals in Review

  1. I need to get writing my “Year in Review” post. I’m still wrapping up Christmas, literally! Family is top priority, but in the next few days I should be able to write up a decent post.
    Goals are so important. I set 8 PRs in 2013 so my goal is to set a few more in 2014. I’m running Boston this year and I know what I need to do.
    How is the self-hosting going? I hear it can be expensive and requires a lot more wok.
    I’m in the process of moving my business site from GoDaddy and that is taking some time to do. But, I’d rather do it right.
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