This is Your Fridge on the Reset

A lot has happened in the last few weeks.  For one thing, I always vow to be back to a regular posting schedule, and it always proves too difficult to accomplish.  So, I’m happy to be able to sneak in some time this morning to write.

Each of these deserves a post on its own, which I will attempt to do this week before more time gets away from me.

January 6th-12th: We were in Orlando, Florida for the Dopey Challenge.  Yes, the huge series of races that took hours of training, cost actual money, and involved cross-country traveling is now complete.  Do I miss the training?  No, not really.  Am I proud of myself for accomplishing it?  Heck yes!


January 19th: Tinker Bell half marathon at Disneyland.  Yes, just one week after completing Dopey I took on another half marathon.  And guess what?  I finished in under 2 hours!  That was my goal for last year’s OC Half marathon in May. With the Tinker Bell medal, I also got my Coast to Coast medal for running a race on each coast in the same calendar year (or in my case, in the same week).



January 20th: We started the Ultimate Reset.

See that picture?


That’s our fridge.  A lot of produce, right?  (This is where my title comes from, in case you weren’t sure). Overall, it’s been going well, so I figured I would share a little bit about it here.

The Ultimate Reset

For those who aren’t familiar with the Ultimate Reset, it’s a 3 week cleanse and detox program from Beachbody.  We’d wanted to do it for a while, and decided that after my Disney races were finished would be the time.  You aren’t allowed to work out during the Reset because you’re eating less calories, so obviously I couldn’t run all those races while on it.  Plus, after running that much I knew my body would need not only an exercise break, but also a good detox.

Some of the benefits of the Ultimate Reset are lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, weight loss, and overall more energy.  You also discover any emotional attachments you have to food and learn how to cope with them.  You learn portion control and how to prepare meals using fresh, healthy ingredients.

The first week of the Reset, Phase 1, is called “Reclaim.”  The idea behind this phase is to get your body ready for change.  We’ve slowly eliminated animal products this past week, and have definitely eaten less.  Today we begin Phase 2, or “Release,” in which we’ll actually get to release the toxins from our bodies.  Food intake decreases slightly and is completely vegetarian.

Results we’ve noticed so far: 

  • Looser jeans
  • Less having to go.  You know, GO.
  • Feeling lighter in general
  • More energy in general, especially as of yesterday

For more information on the Ultimate Reset, click here.  And stay tuned for another update in next Monday’s newsletter!


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